The Ultimate Guide to Your Texas Move

Finding a dream home in a beautiful community in a state that you love is the perfect plan to have. Boerne has many communities that make finding the perfect home so simple. Working with a realtor to help you find this dream home is beneficial. However, what are your plans after you purchase that wonderful dream home in the Texas Hill Country?

Your Guide to All Things Moving

Texas is a large place, but choosing to move into one of the beautiful areas including Tapatio Springs, Balcones Creek, Esperanza or other Boerne communities is an excellent choice for those looking for a great place to live. Whether you choose to build or buy, Boerne offers a perfect place to raise a family and enjoy all that Texas can offer. Moving your items should be easy and not stressful.

#1 Downsize and Organize

Downsizing your items from your old home is a must. Organize all the items you’re bringing with you to the new place. Label and pack the boxes according to the rooms. This not only helps lessen the items you bring with you for the move, but it also helps make unpacking much easier.

#2 Shipping Your Vehicle and Your Belongings

Have your items and your vehicle shipped to you. Use a reliable transport company like A-1 Auto Transport  as you will want a company that has been in business for many years and has a verifiable reputation for excellent service. A good moving service will be able to help pack your home, load everything and easily move everything to the new home. Transport and home moving companies will lessen the work you must do by picking everything up, moving it and dropping it off.

#3 Turn on Utilities

Have the utilities at the new home turned on prior to showing up. Nothing is worse than showing up after a long move and not having lights to turn on or water that runs. Speak with the necessary offices to have these turned on for your move date. They may require verification of your identity and address.

#4 Moving with Kids or Pets

Moving with kids and pets can be done easily with some simple tips. Children should be occupied as much as possible. This will keep them out of the way. Electronics, coloring supplies, snacks and books packed into a ‘moving bag’ can help keep them occupied while packing the house as well as during the long drive. Pets can be transported separately with a professional pet relocation business if you don’t think you’ll have room in your own car or if flying them with you on the plane is not going to work. Board the pets in your new city until you’ve unpacked and settled in, then move them into the new home.

Relocating is an exciting adventure and by having a complete checklist of things to do, you can feel more at ease when it comes to getting everything done. While this checklist will be a great help once you find a home, finding the perfect house is always the first step.

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