Must Know Roof Inspection Tips Before Buying

If you’re in the process of looking for a home to buy, you’re probably already working with a lender who will insist that you to find a reputable home inspector to go through that new property to check for anything that is amiss in the electrical, plumbing or foundation of the home you have shown interest in buying. A home inspector will also check the roof, usually by taking a ladder and walking along top to check for signs of bad shingles, busted fireplace bricks and other issues that can cause damage to the home.

Once an inspection is complete, you will have a good idea of everything wrong, or right, about the house from the inside out including the roof. The lender is most likely going to require a home inspection before they will approve funding for a home loan. They will have money tied up in the home so they’re right to recommend an inspector that will give you the rundown of the property before you purchase.

Texas roof inspection long view

A Roof Inspection Matters

When you start your search for the perfect home for you and your family, it’s best to work with a trusted real estate agent who knows the local area well. In many cases, they can let you know the year a roof was put on a home, if any major repairs have been done at the house and whether a home will pass an inspection for the type of loan you are trying to obtain.

After taking time to look at homes, you will most likely find one to make an offer on. Whether you get approved for the home will often depend on whether the home passes an inspection and home appraisal. The roof will be factored into the overall stability of the home and while a home may have no negative issues, there is always a chance that a roof may be old or worn out. With the cost to install a roof, it might not be worth the extra effort and may be something that will cause your lender to reject the property. A residential and commercial roofing company can give you an estimate on roofing repairs, but deciding whether that home you want to purchase is worth it is a consideration you must make.

You can do a little roof inspection on your own by keeping these must know roof inspection tips in mind when you’re house hunting in Texas Hill Country. 

#1 Do a Quick Check

Texas roof inspection reviewLooking over the roof quickly gives you an idea of the condition it is currently in. If the roof was not maintained by the previous owner, it may be noticeable. Small areas of interest to take note of is whether the roof is missing shingles or tiles and if it has been cleaned off or is cluttered with debris.

#2 Missing Gutters

A big mistake is to think that gutters do not do anything for a home. This is simply not true. The gutters on the home provide a way for the rain water to roll off the top and down to the ground. The water will not seep into the roof, siding on the home or get into the cracks causing further damage. Check that the gutters are on the home and well maintained.

#3 Noticeable Damages

Do you notice small holes in the roof, on the sides of the roof or in the eaves? These damages can go undetected if you’re not looking for them. Look in these areas to see if the flashing is secured and there are no open areas.

#4 Masses of Moss

Moss build up on the top of a roof signals a decaying roof. While, you will not actually know unless you go up to the roof and physically move the moss out of the way, it is important that you keep this in mind. The roofing underneath the covered area might be rotting without showing a sign.

#5 Colored Grit

Black, grey or colored grit in the gutters is a bad sign. This is more than likely coming from the shingles on the roof. These granules cover and protect the roof from the hot sun that beats down on it. Without them, it can be doing more damage to the inside of the home. The roofs age has a lot to do with the quality of the shingles and whether you will find granules in the gutters.

Inside Matters

 Even if you’re not a roofing expert, these tips can help you plan a purchase based on the quality of the roof. Something else to check when personally inspecting a roof is to check the attic crawlspace for signs of leaks or water damage. These can be telltale signs that a roof repair will be necessary soon and can be a deal breaker if you are in search of a home without any damage to the roof.

A great real estate agent can be your right-hand when it comes to noticing some of the bigger damages. Contact an agent at Boerne Property at 210-701-5550, to find your dream home in a beautiful community located in one of the beautiful Texas communities.